Still about health week


On Monday, June 4 the HealthCamp DC unconference also takes place at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health.

Physicians, nurses, consumers, technologists, health system and policy leaders, payers and suppliers will create session topics the day of the event, setting the agenda based on whatever they want to talk about that day. The aim of event is to break through communication walls, elevate the conversation and spark ideas that will transform patient-focused health care and health in the District of Columbia and the nation.

Walking Gallery

In the evening, June 4 at 5 pm, the inspiring Walking Gallery art event returns to the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health.

Artists from throughout the District of Columbia and the nation will display patient stories they have painted on the backs of patients’ jackets and doctors’ lab coats.

Thanks to the team over at the Disruptive Women in Health Care project for sponsoring the Walking Gallery social event! Disruptive Women in Health Care, an award winning project conceived of and owned by Amplify Public Affairs, has become an online destination for innovative thinking on exciting health trends and current health policy issues.

Apart from quality writing, Disruptive Women features a regular Man of the Month blog post, produces informative e-books and hosts dynamic in-person events.

Health Datapalooza

On Tuesday and Wednesday, June 5 and 6, is the Health Data Initiative Forum / Health Datapalooza at the Washington Convention Center.

The event is hosted by The Health Data Initiative Forum, in coordination with the Institute of Medicine and the U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services at the National Institutes of Health. Health Datapalooza is is a public-private collaboration that encourages innovators to utilize health data to develop applications that raise awareness of health system performance and spark community action to improve health.

NASA – Human Health Performance

On Thursday, June 7, NASA will host a mobile health workshop for NASA Human Health & Performance Center members at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health entitled, “mHealth – Smart Media and Health: Applications Benefiting Life in Space and on Earth.”

Keynote speakers will include U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park, and Philip Fasano, Executive VP and CIO at Kaiser Permanente.